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Online Roulette

Online roulette is an ever expanding production on the Internet, with an equally expanding fan base. Playing online roulette is much the same as playing in a brick and mortar casino - same rules, same course of actions, same pay outs - except that the player can participate from just about anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Roulette has always been looked upon as the aristocrat's casino game. The table is commonly surrounded by men in fancy black-tie attire and swanky women dressed in elaborate evening gowns. This aspect tends to make the rest of us shy away from the tables, when in fact, Roulette game - is a game for anyone and everyone. However, if this detail has kept you clear of the tables, try visiting an online roulette table to learn just how exciting the game can be.

One particular advantage to playing online Roulette depends upon your jurisdiction. There are several versions of the game, the two most common being American Roulette and European Roulette. If you reside in America and have never visited an online roulette casino, you may not even realize there is another way to play, but European Roulette is actually the better of the two - for the player that is.

While American Roulette has 38 spaces on the wheel - 1-36, 0 and 00, European Roulette omits the 00. Instead of having a 1-in-38 chance of a single number hitting, the odds are decreased o 1-in-37. The odds of all other betting options also tilt slightly more into the player's favor. It may not sound like much, but any advantage you can get in a casino is well worth taking.

If you're not familiar with online roulette, the object of the game is simple. Select a number, group of numbers, odd or even, black or red, or high or low - or any combination thereof - place a bet, and wait for the wheel to stop spinning. When the wheel stops, a little ball falls into one of the slots, determining with winning number. If your bet matches the number, you win.

The pay outs for each bet increase with the difficulty of thee odds. Betting on High/Low, Black/Red or Odd/Even are the easiest bets, paying only 1:1. Groups of 12 pay 2:1, scaling further up as the group size scales down. Betting on a single number pays 36:1. The casino gets much of its house edge from the existence of the 0 (and sometimes 00), as all bets placed anywhere else on the board will be lost if the 0 hits.

Online Roulette offers something else you won't find in a live casino - the ability to play for free. This is a great way to practice the game and see if it fits your playing style.

I can honestly say, won or lost, I've never heard anyone walk away from a Roulette saying, "That was boring." Roulette truly is one of the most enthralling games in any casino, and online Roulette is the perfect way to learn how to play. Once you become accustomed to the rules, betting options and pay outs, then you can decide if you'd like to play for real money at an online Roulette table.

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